Mesh etching process

Mesh etching process

Mesh etching is a technology for making metal screens. The process is to etch metal sheets, such as stainless steel, copper plates, aluminum plates, etc., through chemical or physical methods to achieve the purpose of making screens.

Specifically, the etching process can include the following steps:

Prepare materials: Select suitable metal sheets, cut and grind them in preparation for etching.

Coat a protective layer: Coat a protective layer on the surface of the metal sheet to prevent damage to the metal sheet during etching.

Pattern design: According to needs, the required pattern or hole type can be designed on the surface of the metal sheet.

Etching: Put the metal sheet coated with a protective layer into the etching machine for etching.

Remove the protective layer: After the etching process is completed, remove the protective layer on the surface of the metal sheet.

Cleaning and inspection: Clean the surface of the metal sheet and conduct quality inspection to confirm whether it meets the requirements.

Mesh etching processing is widely used in the following applications: precision filter meshes are often used in the petroleum, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries; metal leak plates, cover plates, lead frames, and metal substrates are often encountered in the electronics industry; precision optical and mechanical flat parts, spring parts; friction plates and other concave-convex flat parts; exquisite handicrafts with complex metal patterns.

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