Advantages of Stencil Etching

Advantages of Stencil Etching

The advantages of stencil etching processing mainly lie in high precision, high surface smoothness, high flatness, low development cost and adaptability to a thinner thickness range.

The advantages of stencil etching processing mainly include:

High precision: Stencil etching processing can control the mesh accuracy within the range of ±0.008mm, the hole wall is vertical, and the precision is high.

Smooth surface: The surface of the stainless steel mesh after stencil etching processing is smooth and burr-free, and the appearance is high.

High flatness: Stencil etching processing will not destroy the physical properties of the material and will not cause deformation, so the stainless steel mesh has high flatness.

Low development cost: Compared with traditional stamping processing methods, etching processing can develop new products faster, so the development cost is relatively low.

Thinner thickness: The thickness of the stainless steel plate processed by stencil etching can be between 0.03~2.0mm, which can meet the needs of more application scenarios.

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