How Important is the Blind Hole Rate of Filter Screens?

How Important is the Blind Hole Rate of Filter Screens?

Filter screens are commonly used filtration devices in industrial production, and their blind hole rate is a crucial technical indicator.

Generally, the lower the blind hole rate of the filter screen, the better, because a low blind hole rate means it can more effectively filter out impurities and particles, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency. The automotive filter screens we produce through etching are mostly used in electromagnetic valves in the automotive industry. To reduce the blind hole rate of the filter screen, it is essential to control the coating, exposure, and development processes. Only then can we produce high-quality automotive filter screen electronic components that satisfy our customers.

Depending on the different industrial production requirements, the blind hole rate requirements for filter screens also vary. Typically, for high-precision filtration applications, such as in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, the blind hole rate requirements are more stringent, usually needing to be below 3%. For more general filtration applications, such as in the mechanical and electronic industries, the blind hole rate requirements are relatively lower, but still need to be controlled within a certain range to ensure production quality.

During the production process, the blind hole rate of the filter screen can be detected and evaluated through various methods, such as the weighing method, microscope observation method, and pressure difference method. The calculation methods and standards for the blind hole rate vary for different materials and structures of filter screens. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to choose appropriate detection methods and calculation formulas based on specific needs and product characteristics to ensure that the quality and performance of the filter screens meet the requirements.

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