Where can VC temperature spreader be mass-produced?

Where can VC temperature spreader be mass-produced?

VC is also called VC temperature spreader, VC heat sink, VC heat spreader, which is mainly used in mobile phones, computers, servers, graphics cards, etc. to play a role in heat dissipation.

Most of the existing heat spreaders are copper substrates for easy welding, and the production methods include sintering structures. In the sintering structure, it is generally a copper shell surface, and the surface is formed with micropores in the form of sintered powder to achieve condensation reflux. In terms of heat dissipation technology, traditional copper-aluminum heat dissipation technology is aimed at the growing demand for power heat dissipation. The current cooling technology has involved various methods. Especially for high-power military equipment, the power density is large and it is difficult to heat evenly. At present, the most effective means is to use the heat spreader technology made by the phase change principle to make better and more stable even heat dissipation products. The heat spreader produced by etching processing has stable data, OK flatness, no burrs, and no dirt on the front.

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